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Apr 18, 2024

Amazon keeps selling out of these clever things that make your home look more expensive

Click “add to cart” while you can. Not like it’s a competition or anything, but, honestly, who doesn’t want to improve the look of their home and make a first impression that really sticks?

Click “add to cart” while you can.

Not like it’s a competition or anything, but, honestly, who doesn’t want to improve the look of their home and make a first impression that really sticks? Thankfully, you don’t need to run all over town to accomplish this, because there’s one place that truly has it all.

However, you’ll want to step on it, because Amazon keeps selling out of these clever things that make your home look more expensive, from stylish wainscot wall panels to peel-and-stick geometric wallpaper in glamorous gold to charming faux potted plants. Don’t wait to hit “add to cart” before these beautifying gems disappear.

Add decor and the soft scent of vanilla to your home with this beautiful diffuser set that comes with an elegant glass bottle, cotton reeds, and even white and blue dried baby’s breath. In addition to cashmere vanilla, it’s available in over 15 other scents such as oud bergamot, sandalwood rose, and chamomile verbena. Use more or fewer reeds depending on how strong you’d like the fragrance which will last for up to 90 days as the reeds diffuse the scent gently into the air.

This authentic-looking marble wallpaper will cost you less than $10 to make any surface — from desktops to bookcases to countertops — look that much more chic. Made of waterproof vinyl, it goes on easily thanks to peel-and-stick self-adhesive with handy grid lines printed on the back for effortless cutting.

Things don’t get much more relaxing than bathing accompanied by this bamboo bath tray. It expands to fit your tub’s dimensions and is designed with secure places for your tablet and even your glass of wine or bubbly. Keep your phone in the built-in holder and your soap or candle at hand within the included soap tray.

Make trips to the bathroom that much more luxurious with this bidet attachment that costs under $35. It installs easily to any standard toilet and includes the ability to both adjust water pressure and nozzle angle for a comfortably refreshing and cleansing experience. Plus, its small footprint means it won’t take up tons of precious bathroom real estate.

Clearly popular with over 12,000 reviews and a high 4.7-star rating, these mini faux potted plants will give your place an instantly more verdant and put-together look. The set includes three authentic-looking eucalyptus plants, and their pots feature a faux concrete finish that will look great anywhere around the house from the living room to the kitchen to the bathroom, with no maintenance required.

Drape this super-soft throw blanket over your sofa or bed to make spaces feel inviting and stylish at the same time. The highly rated throw is reversible with one side featuring your choice of either faux fur, silky velvet, or shag, and the other side a plush sherpa. Choose from five sizes and over 40 colors ranging from ivory (pictured here) to dusty rose to slate blue.

If your closet is a jumble of different hangers, these well-reviewed velvet hangers will make a world of difference. They come in packs of 30, 50, and 100 to give every closet in the house a uniform look, with their nonslip velvet texture additionally helping to keep clothing from falling to the floor. Choose from six colors, including ivory, black, and gray.

There’s a simple way to modernize kitchen cabinets without having to do major renovations and it comes in the form of these highly rated cabinet pulls. Comfortable in the hand measuring 5 inches across, they sport a versatile aesthetic that ranges from modern farmhouse to industrial chic. They’re available in three finishes (matte black, brushed brass, and satin nickel) to suit your existing palette and will be sure to last, being made of durable stainless steel.

This ingenious power strip plugs into a standard duplex outlet to provide you not only with three total AC outlets but also with three USB-A ports and a USB-C port. To top it all off, the rim around the wall plate illuminates, acting as a night-light that turns on automatically at dusk and whose brightness can be adjusted via a touch sensor.

Transform that messy cabinet area beneath the sink into a place so organized you’d show it off to your friends by using this under-sink organizer. Made of a combination of steel and sturdy plastic, it’s designed with narrow dimensions to accommodate the sink’s pipes and includes two tiers. As a bonus, the bottom shelf can be pulled out to more easily access the cleaning supplies stored there.

This toothbrush holder mounts to the wall using strong self-adhesive and can store multiple toothbrushes in addition to plenty of other bathroom supplies. A built-in compartment and top shelf are great for storing cleansers, lotions, hairbrushes, and hair ties, and there’s even room for two cups to store magnetically upside down. The toothpaste dispenser acts as one more clever feature to help keep your bathroom countertop sparkling.

It’s amazing how far a touch of outdoor lighting can go in terms of making a space feel magical. These solar deck lights do just that by casting a warm white light that illuminates fences, stairs, decks, or garden pathways. Each set comes with 16 lights that mount using the provided screws and only require four to five hours in full sunshine to glow all night long.

Serve up aperitifs, store perfume, or showcase decor using this fashionable serving tray. It’s made of faux leather that comes in over 20 shades such as cream, emerald green, and orange, all of which feature beautiful stainless steel handles in finishes of gold or silver. Plus, this budget-friendly tray has racked up nearly 10,000 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers.

This solar address sign charges by day to light up clearly at night — meaning dinner party guests will have no trouble finding your place. You have the choice between three lighting modes at different temperatures (warm white, cool white, and bright white) and the ability to mount it to the wall or attach it to the included stake to place in the ground. Plus, there are fun customizable stickers included to make your address really stand out.

Create a bonafide gallery wall with only a $34 investment when you opt for this set of picture frames. The set comes with 10 frames in three different sizes that can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Choose from four available colors to match your existing decor: natural, white, black, and rustic brown.

This ingenious peel-and-stick wallpaper allows you to easily and affordably create the accent wall of your dreams. It features an eye-catching hexagonal design in a choice of either gold or silver and is made of sturdy vinyl that’s also conveniently waterproof. Cut it to size easily and apply it to clean, smooth surfaces for the best result.

Corral those far-flung devices charging in every corner of the room into one of these clever charging stations that allow you to neatly power up to five devices at once. It provides you with five USB ports that can each detect the optimum charging speed depending on what’s plugged in. Six short cables come with the dock including three Lightning cables, two micro-USB cables, and one USB-C cable.

Immediately add visual interest to bare walls with these floating shelves hung via chic leather straps. The shelves themselves are made of natural pine wood and, along with the leather straps, sport a minimalist aesthetic that acts as a versatile decor choice. Use them to display small plants, picture frames, artwork, or even to store pantry items — each shelf has a weight capacity of up to about 17 pounds, according to the seller.

There’s nothing like a pristinely organized closet to make a space feel chic, and that’s just what this under-bed storage bag accomplishes. It provides you with ample space to store away all those bulky items like comforters, coats, and blankets, thus freeing up tons of room in the closet while fitting neatly under the bed. A large transparent plastic window allows you to easily view the contents and sturdy handles help you remove the bag with ease.

For those with a collection ranging from high tops to high heels, these stylish shoe organizers are the answer. They’re designed to be extra-wide and higher than normal to fit all shoe models and stack securely using special locking tabs. Available in several colors such as black, pink, and blue, they come in a set of 12 and assemble easily and quickly, even including a ventilated back panel to keep air flowing.

These cotton rope baskets do double duty in their ability to contain lots of miscellaneous clutter while looking extremely stylish at the same time. Three large baskets come in a set, each made of 100% cotton with handles on either end. Faux leather handle covers are also included as an additional styling detail and there are even customizable label clips.

Rugs that keep sliding around and curl up at the corners not only make your place look less chic but also are a definite hazard. These rug corner grippers come in a V-shape that attaches to those corners using self-adhesive and grips the floor with its gel material, causing rugs to lay flat and remain in place. Each gripper also has a foam tip that allows you to lift rug corners in order to clean underneath.

Nighttime trips up and down the stairs will be a little easier thanks to these LED stairway lights that turn on automatically when motion is detected up to 10 feet away. Available in a pack of three, they’re conveniently battery-operated and mount easily using the included screws or self-adhesive. They provide a warm white light that turns off after 30 seconds of stillness.

Added contrast, more vivid colors, and less eye strain while viewing favorite TV shows and films are all available to you when you install this bias lighting strip. It can be cut to size and adheres to the perimeter of your TV with the light powered by your TV’s USB port. The ambient lighting provided subtly brightens the room, creating an upgraded home theater experience.

This incredibly stylish kitchen mat can absorb all manner of stains and spills, from tomato sauce to olive oil. Featuring elegant edges and a nonslip rubber backing that keeps it in place, it can be conveniently cleaned in the washing machine or run down with a vacuum. It’s available in four sizes and three colors: beige, dark gray, and gray.

These wainscot wall panels bring classic charm to any wall and at an affordable price, to boot. They attach securely and easily to the wall and come ready to be painted to match your existing wall color. Available in a range of sizes, their rectangular shape will do wonders for giving any room that special, elegant touch.

Display that fiddle leaf or rubber tree beautifully using this stylish plant stand that looks similar to (but costs far less than) a mid-century modern vintage model. It’s conveniently extendable to fit pots ranging from 8 to 12 inches and can be flipped over as well for two different height options. Made of sustainable bamboo, the planter can hold up to 150 pounds.

Attach these small but effective cord organizers to your individual appliances such as stand-up mixers, electric kettles, or crock pots to keep those cables tidy and out of the way. They use sticky self-adhesive to attach and feature slightly flexible sides as well as a slot in the middle to secure the plug end.

There’s nothing that adds opulence like a bit of lustrous velvet material. These throw pillow covers offer just that in a range of colors such as gold (pictured here), mint turquoise, and wine red. They come in a set of two and are available in multiple sizes with the ability to be conveniently machine-washed.

For a piece of kitchen hardware that gets the job done in a sleek, sophisticated way, look no further than this towel paper holder. It mounts to the underside of your cabinet using the included self-adhesive and keeps your paper towels handy while seamlessly fitting in with your existing decor. Made of sturdy aluminum alloy, it comes in a black, gold, or white finish.

Who knew that a sponge holder could actually add to your countertop’s look instead of taking away from it? This one is made of ceramic and features a charming embossed design reminiscent of Moroccan tiles. Place the sponge in the built-in slot in order to drain and dry quickly, thereby keeping it clean and fresh for as long as possible.

This beautiful bamboo salt box can be used to store all manner of spices and dried herbs thanks to its magnetic swivel lid that works to keep contents fresh. Great for use on the dinner table and in the pantry, this box also works well as a place to store desk supplies, beauty accessories, and anything else that could use an aesthetically pleasing container.

Not only will your home smell incredible, but this essential oil diffuser will look fabulous in the process. It’s designed in a beautifully organic shape with a wooden base and a gently curved ceramic stone top in a rustic texture. It includes a built-in LED light to provide a soothing ambiance and offers up to 10 hours of gentle, diffused scent depending upon the chosen misting mode.

Banish the daily disappointment that occurs when your morning cup goes lukewarm with these ingenious stainless steel coffee mugs. Constructed with double-wall insulation, they keep your beverage hotter for hours longer (in addition to keeping the exterior cool) and even come with spill-resistant lids included so you can take your brew on the go. And since the stainless steel doesn’t absorb odors, you can use these mugs for anything from tea to cold beer.

This cord cover is great for hiding those cables that can’t help but draw the eye, such as those that run from your wall-mounted TV to a power strip below. It comes in four colors (white, beige, black, and gray), can be cut to your required length, and mounts using simple self-adhesive. Able to hold anywhere from three to six cords, the snap-on cover makes it a cinch to conceal cables, returning a clean look to your wall.

This beautiful magnetic knife block with a near-perfect 4.8-star rating makes storing your kitchen tools an art-worthy display. It’s constructed of gorgeous acacia wood that will elevate any kitchen countertop and includes strong magnets on either side to be able to store all your knives and tools. A sturdy, nonslip base helps keep cooking adventures safe.

This functional yet stylish honey dispenser will elevate any brunch table with its elegant honeycomb shape and mess-free delivery of syrupy sweets. Depress the handle to start the flow of honey and release the handle to instantly stop that flow, creating a dripless, airtight seal. Place the glass dispenser in the included stand to neatly stow away.

These popular magnetic garage door accents come highly rated with tons of five-star reviews and are a no-brainer when it comes to giving your home an expensive look. They come in a set that includes two handles and four hinges that attach effortlessly to metal garage doors. Strong enough to last throughout each season, they promise to not fade due to their UV-resistant material.

When it comes to making your list of needs for throwing a stylish cocktail party, make sure this cheese board is on it. It’s ingeniously designed with an entire four-piece knife set contained in a clever built-in drawer and comes with two ceramic bowls as well for olives or compotes. Two slate labels and chalk are also included to help guests know which delicious cheese or charcuterie they’re enjoying.


There’s nothing as impressive as an incredibly tidy pantry or neatly organized refrigerator. Achieve that easily with just one purchase of these stackable clear bins that clock in under $35. They come in a set of eight and are constructed of clear, shatterproof, BPA-free plastic with two sizes provided. Helpful handles on either side make it easy to retrieve that delicious produce or those crucial condiments.

Give your bathroom a natural warmth using this bamboo bath mat. It’s coated with a water-resistant finish and designed in such a way as to increase airflow and reduce drying time. Nonslip rubber pads on the bottom keep it safely in place and you can even roll it up to be either stored or taken on the go.

Having clearly garnered a cult following with over 286,000 reviews, these satin pillowcases bring luxe vibes to any bedroom while remaining decidedly on budget. They come in all sizes ranging from standard to body pillow-sized and are offered in tons of sumptuous colors such as burgundy, blue granite, or dusty rose. The silky texture is soft on your hair and skin yet the pillowcases can still be conveniently machine washed.

Vinyl devotees will be obsessed with these vinyl record shelves that show off their prized collection in an artistic display. They come in a set of six and mount easily using the included screws, providing you with just the right amount of room to place one record. Choose from three color options: black, white, and clear.

Sconces are crucial for creating warmth as well as providing added reading light, but can often be a pain to install due to the wiring required. Thankfully, there’s an easier way and it comes in the form of this wall-mounted LED light that installs using self-adhesive and operates thanks to a built-in rechargeable battery. Choose from three brightness levels as well as three color modes that range from cool to warm.

Tidy up messy clutter while providing a chic place to rest your feet with this versatile storage ottoman that comes in black, brown, and red. It’s great for storing blankets, books, or toys, and features a faux leather tufted lid slash footrest that’s padded for extra comfort. It can bear up to 440 pounds of weight and folds down flat for simple storage.