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Dec 09, 2023

Chaos gardening is in. What is it?

by: Amy Evans, BestReviews Staff Posted: Aug 12, 2023 / 05:16 AM EDT Updated: Aug 12, 2023 / 05:16 AM EDT Chaos gardening is among the newest gardening trends to go viral on TikTok, with over 13

by: Amy Evans, BestReviews Staff

Posted: Aug 12, 2023 / 05:16 AM EDT

Updated: Aug 12, 2023 / 05:16 AM EDT

Chaos gardening is among the newest gardening trends to go viral on TikTok, with over 13 billion views in 2023. Even experts are on board with this fun, laid-back gardening style. It’s all about finding beauty in disorder, saving you the time and effort of planning and maintaining a typical garden. This article explores chaos gardening, including tools and tips from watering to caring for seedlings.

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Chaos gardening throws traditional gardening practices out the window — no planting seeds in neat rows with a precise amount of space between plantings, no carefully planned landscapes — you simply gather your leftover seeds, plant them and see what grows. This laissez-faire approach applies to planting flowers, fruits, vegetables and grasses. For many gardeners, the aim is to achieve stunning visual variety and an explosion of color akin to a meadow filled with wildflowers.

While chaos gardening itself is largely unplanned, you’ll first have to decide where to plant your chaos garden. You may choose to transform your garden beds into a diverse wildflower collection or use hardscaping elements like rocks and gardening pathways to establish a sense of order in the chaos. Planters can be used for a compact and subtle effect while surrounding patio furniture with a chaos garden will create a more picturesque space to relax.

Native plants are more likely to thrive in your area, and planting them will result in a low-maintenance and eco-friendly garden. If you’re set on planting fruits and vegetables, keep in mind that they require more frequent reseeding and maintenance. Be aware that planting annuals will mean replacing them and starting over next year. Pay attention to the ideal sunlight conditions for the varieties you wish to plant, as well.

Seedlings require nutrient-rich, well-draining soil to sprout. If the soil in your garden contains a lot of clay or is overly rocky, be sure to mix in garden soil prior to seeding. Otherwise, you can use a garden rake or hoe to break the top layer of soil before planting or pour a few inches of compost over the soil — no tilling required.

Seeds must be watered regularly after they are sown in order to sprout. When working with a diverse array of plants, it can be challenging to give them all the right watering needs. To err on the side of caution, opt for watering a little and often — this will minimize the risk of overwatering or underwatering.

With chaos gardening, you never know exactly how many seeds will take root. Once the seedlings have begun to grow, it may be necessary to thin them out to prevent overcrowding or having certain varieties overwhelm the landscape.

After your chaos garden has begun to grow, you can put in as much or as little work as you like. Some people let the rainwater their plants naturally and let weeds grow wild, while others water their plants and attend to weed growth.

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