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May 10, 2024

Room divider ideas

A large bedroom can often feel cold and lack privacy; this can be remedied with drapes or sheer curtains hung to divide a space. They needn't be pulled right across a room to utterly divide it, such

A large bedroom can often feel cold and lack privacy; this can be remedied with drapes or sheer curtains hung to divide a space. They needn't be pulled right across a room to utterly divide it, such as curtain closet ideas, but they can create a beautiful pause, adding color, texture or dimension and pattern to the space, too, as in the attic bedroom above.

‘Substituting a solid plastered wall with a glazing system allows an increased sense of space by visually connecting rooms and offers the opportunity to bring natural light into areas which may not be served by windows,’ says Chris Eaton, associate director at Stiff + Trevillion.

‘Steel-framed glazing offers designers the flexibility to create pane sizes to reflect the proportions and rhythm of the rooms and surrounding architecture it inhabits and can neatly incorporate opening sections either as doorways or casement windows.'

‘While open-plan living looks great, it throws up a few problems such as noise and a lack of cosiness and warmth,’ says Mike Stiff, director of Stiff + Trevillion architects, which uses Crittall glazing in many projects.

‘Glazing allows light to flow, while keeping homes warm and providing quiet zones.’ The approach also succeeds when opening up a home, as a glass wall can replace a solid partition – often a neat idea for an entrance hall. ‘Glazed partitions are really successful where a completely open-plan space is not required, but a visual connection to an adjacent room, the outside or to a window is beneficial,’ says architect Phil Coffey.

Be aware of the implication of some building regulations, though. These can escalate the cost considerably and also limit the possibilities with design,’ he adds.

Broken-plan living is a midway point between the open-plan layout and the more traditional space comprised of separate rooms. One way to achieve this is by looking to doors that can be closed when required, but without impacting on the appearance of the room when opened.

This London apartment uses floor-to-ceiling sliding panels clad in sections of parquet, which look just as much a part of the space whether pulled across or not. ‘Using the parquet panels as inserts on the wall allows their geometric effect to be enjoyed at eye level,’ says Maria Speake, founder of Retrouvius. ‘When closed, this sliding wall reveals a recessed pocket used to display some of the clients’ art collection.’

Integrate a glazed partition to separate a large room into two spaces, but take inspiration from this Studio Peake project and leave a gap in the middle. The two zones feel separate from each other, due to the glazing, but the gap allows unimpeded movement and increases the flexibility of how these spaces can be used. Make sure to consider the usage of any room that you wish to include in a broken-plan space.

The farther space here was fitted out as a entertainment center room, so a blackout screen was integrated into the design, meaning it can be pulled fully across to plunge the room into darkness, but doesn’t have to remain in sight when the zone isn’t being used as a home cinema.

Crittall and steel-framed windows is a wonderful way to let lighting into a small space. It is also a clever way to display the greenery from the outside, creating the illusion of an indoor/outdoor space.

By using Crittall doors and windows internally as well as externally, you can unify an existing period property with a contemporary extension. They also allow a space to be filled with light. Fire-rated steel-framed dividers and partitions are also available.

Not all living room layout ideas lend themselves to a permanent room divider or partition, but being smart with your furniture can still achieve the look. This space by Wendi Wolf Lewitt uses furniture to create zones with an open-plan living room. High-backed seating is especially useful for this style. If space allows, use a ceiling-high bookcase to separate the space for maximum impact.

A timeless design feature, room divider ideas are growing in popularity.