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Dec 02, 2023

The Best Bathroom Accessories

We may not spend as much time on the bathroom as we do in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, but it’s one area of the house that we visit multiple times throughout the day. Between the shower, the

We may not spend as much time on the bathroom as we do in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, but it’s one area of the house that we visit multiple times throughout the day. Between the shower, the sink, and the toilet, the bathroom absolutely gets plenty of play. That’s why a nice, well-appointed bathroom works so much better – it just makes those regular visits a much more positive experience.

So how do you make your bathroom more inviting? If a remodel is out of the question, then stocking up on some nice bathroom accessories can definitely make a massive difference. A better showerhead, for instance, can make for more relaxing showers, while a fancy bidet can make cleaning up in the toilet a push-button affair. How about a waterproof speaker for some soothing music while you’re in there, a soft night light for when you use the toilet at three in the morning, or a heating cubby that can keep towels warm?

Some bathroom accessories are all about utility. Some are about adding new function to the space. Others are all about adding a tasteful touch or just making it feel that much more inviting.

These are the best bathroom accessories to give the space a well-deserved upgrade.

Late night bathroom trips can be tricky. You don’t want to turn on the lights because they can be blindingly bright when you’re still half asleep, but doing so makes you risk missing the bowl entirely. This bathroom accessory hooks onto the toilet bowl rim, ready to illuminate it in a pinch. A motion sensor detects any movement around the toilet, so it will automatically switch the light on soon as you’re in the vicinity and turn it off soon as you leave. The built-in LED comes with five brightness settings and 16 different colors, any of which you can set right on the control panel. It runs on three AA batteries, which can last it anywhere from six months up to a year.

This set of four accessory shelves offers various sizes of containers sized to fit all sorts of bath and hygiene products. Each is designed to be used separately, so you can place each one anywhere it’s needed. Place a couple by the shower to hold soap and various bottles, one by the sink for your shaving razor or a hair dryer, and another somewhere for leaving your phone in before going in the shower. It comes with adhesive plates for easily mounting on walls, although they also include a set of screws if you’d rather install them more permanently. Each one is rated to hold up to five pounds.

If you’re looking to elevate the bathtub experience a notch, consider this bathroom accessory that delivers cushioned support every time you lay down on the tub. Measuring 50 inches long, it provides supportive comfort from the neck to the back down to the tailbone, so you can soak in the tub for longer. Suction cups keep it securely in place the whole time, so you never have to make adjustments to get comfortable. It’s made from a 3D mesh material that’s both machine-washable and quick-drying, so you can simply hang it up to dry in the towel rack after every use and throw it in the washer with the rest of the laundry when things get dirty.

You can use this small bench to set down your bath and hygiene products in the bathroom (very useful to have next to the bathtub), although we prefer using it as actual sitting furniture in there. You know… for those times you want to take a long shower, but don’t want to stand there for extended minutes, so you can plop down on this thing, letting the spray take you over. It’s a proper chair, too, that’s rated to support up to 250 pounds, so you can put all your weight on the darn thing with no worries (unless, of course, you weigh more than that).

You can use any waterproof Bluetooth speaker in the shower. If you want that’s good enough to use outside the bathroom, though, we’re really fond of this compact speaker, which is IPX7-rated for waterproofing, so you can get it wet in the shower without any worries. We especially love the design, which comes with an integrated metal loop for easily hanging on hooks or securing to your shower caddy. Sound quality is stellar, too, allowing you to hear plenty of details even when you turn down the volume to enjoy a relaxing shower.

This bathroom accessory adds a functional bidet to any toilet, allowing you to enjoy a spray cleaning instead of a wipe down. Not only does it let you save on toilet paper, we think washing down there is just a little cleaner, too. You can even put soap next to the toilet, so you can give it a good rinse for a thorough cleaning. You can adjust the water pressure using a knob right next to the bowl, so you can send it light or heavy (your choice), while a lever allows you to control the spray angle on the fly, so you can aim it directly where you want it to hit. It fits any standard toilet and installs in just eight minutes, so you can get up and running in no time, with a self-cleaning design, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance.

A unique bathroom accessory, this bucket has heating elements inside that can warm up your towels on command. Standard heating time is six minutes to get the towel to 167 degrees Fahrenheit at the push of a button, although there’s also a rapid heat setting that takes just one minute to get it reasonably warm enough for comfort. It can fit two bath towels measuring 40 x 70 inches, so you can keep a pair toasty at the same time, although you can also use it to warm up blankets and bathrobes (yep… you can walk around the house in a heated bathrobe). Do note, this will need to be plugged in, so you’ll want to place it in a spot near a power outlet. There’s no display on this design, which we prefer for aesthetics (we don’t another screen in the bathroom), although there are other models with LCD panels that can let you know when a towel is ready.

We love rain showers. Problem is, installing a ceiling-mounted shower will require more extensive work than simply putting in a new showerhead. This showerhead delivers a rain shower experience by extending the main head a few inches off the wall, allowing you to get that vertical rain shower experience by simply idling up closer to the wall. The main head can be tilted, by the way, so you can set it at an angle for a more conventional shower experience. There’s even a second showerhead right below it at a conventional shower angle, so you can have dual sprays coming from different positions. Aside from rain-style showers and regular sprays, it also offers rinsing sprays, massaging sprays, and various spray combinations.

If you prefer a bidet with all the works thrown in, you’ll need a proper toilet seat replacement. Tushy’s bidet seat is actually pretty good, with all the features of their bidet (adjustable pressure and spray angle), along with water temperature control (warm water… yeah), a heated seat, and warm air that dries you off before you leave the toilet. It comes with a handheld remote for easy control of all functions, complete with a wall mount, so you have a convenient place to dock it on. There’s a seat sensor, too, so the bidet will only run when someone’s actually sitting. It comes in two toilet shapes, round and elongated, so you can choose which one suits your current bowl.

Provided you have the space for it, a bathtub makes for an extremely effective way to upgrade any bathroom. As far as bathtubs go, freestanding models like this one offer the easiest path to integrating into your space. Measuring 71 x 34 inches (length x width), this bathtub should fit most people comfortably, while a center drain allows you to quickly let the water out after you’re done. It has a multi-layer construction that includes a structural reinforcement layer and a fiberglass-reinforced layer, with the exterior covered in a fade-resistant acrylic surface. Features include a wide deck ledge for setting down various accessories, a backrest for relaxing with back support, and hidden leveling feet to ensure it sits evenly on any surface.

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