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Feb 16, 2024

Wayfair Items To Make Your Own Outdoor Oasis

We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but all were independently selected by our editors. Just FYI, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation

We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but all were independently selected by our editors. Just FYI, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page.

Your own slice of outdoor paradise is just a few clicks away.

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Promising review: “These are great — just the thing I wanted for my deck. Like that the bulbs are plastic so they are stronger outside in the harsh Vermont elements.” —Meghan

Price: $36.99+ (available in two colors)

Promising review: “Love this! It was super easy to put together and lights like a grill. It will extend the time we can use our outdoor area.” —Anonymous

Price: $211.99 (originally $299.99)

Promising review: “Beautiful and very sturdy — would recommend to any free spirit looking for something to accent your outdoors area!” —DaReece

Price: $39.93 for a set of four stakes in assorted colors

Promising review: “Fantastic purchase! Perfect for my smaller patio and easy to assemble. Felt super sturdy and the cushions are easy to clean (my dog likes to put her muddy paws on the cushions). Definitely happy with this purchase. It's had full sun and hailing downpour and still looks amazing. Happy I bought some extra cushions for the sofa.” —Monica

Price: $499.99+ (available in four cushion colors)

The set includes two chairs and a table.

Promising review: “Absolutely gorgeous and sturdy; a very good product. Highly recommend it.” —Maida

Price: $185.99 (originally $349.99)

Promising review: “This seating arrangement was just what I was searching for. Very comfortable. Plenty of room for my family of five. We took another reviewer's suggestion and zip-tied the pieces together so they don’t drift apart. Worked brilliantly! This is now my favorite place to hang out.” —Christy

Price: $899.99+ (originally $3,415.20+; available in 13 colors)

Promising review: “These pillows are just what I was looking for. They are vibrant and fresh and have just the right firmness. They really complement the neutral furniture with a playful, but warm and welcoming touch.” —Season

Price: $24.99+ per pillow (available in 14 colors)

Pro tip: most umbrellas don’t come with bases, so you’ll need to grab that as well. It wouldn’t do to have your umbrella flying all over the place, now would it?

Promising review: “Perfect for our deck! Sturdy design, easy to set up. We love the small LED lights, creating a perfect ambiance sitting out in the evening. Excellent umbrella!” —Anonymous

Price: $98.99+ (originally $139.99+; available in three colors)

Promising review: “These were just what we were looking for! We wanted to put up a wood pergola but with the cost of wood, we decided on the shade sails! They honestly look better than we expected. We will be keeping these for a while.” —Courtney

Price: $34.99+ (originally $42.90+; available in eight colors)

Promising review: “I love this little plant stand. I had to downsize and miss my flower beds. I got starters from my old house and three beautiful pots to put on this, it will be lovely on my deck.” —Anonymous

Price: $43.99 (originally $56.99)

Promising review: “These hung on my iron porch rails and my two gates! They looked really nice with my flowers all summer! A good value!” —Tanya

Price: $47.99 for a set of five planters (originally $86.99)

Bonus: reviewers say it also makes a terrific plant stand!

Promising review: “These cute little guys are so versatile. I bought two of them. One I use as a towel cart by the pool, the other indoors does blankets and candles. During the summer both turn into bar carts and are so cute. I’ve also used the outdoor one for plants, and as a side table for the outside seating area. Assembly was easy, any beginner can do it in 20 minutes. They’re made of real wood and bolt together tightly.” —Andrea

Price: $88.99 (originally $219.99)

The set includes two drink dispensers and a stand.

Promising review: “Perfect for an outdoor or indoor specialty drink station! Very sturdy stand and easy-to-pour spout. Perfect addition to any party.” —Denise

Price: $59.99 (originally $64.99)

Promising review: “These are fun! I placed them in planters that were bordering my garden. I love the star effect. Not your typical solar light and that’s perfect for me!” —Robin

Price: $42.86+ for a set of eight (available in three colors)

Promising review: “Perfect privacy screen. We had a section of our patio that was a fishbowl to the new neighbors who left all kinds of tools, motorcycle parts, and toys scattered around their yard. These screens are the perfect solution. Turned our patio into an oasis. Very easy to put together and sturdy. Took me 45 minutes per screen, and all of the parts were included (which wasn’t the case with a screen from a big box store we returned). We used bungee cords to latch them together and to the couch. We ended up buying three more to put at another section of our fence by ourselves by the pool. Highly recommended!” —Brennan

Price: $299.99 per panel (originally $369.99; also available in Ash)

Promising review: “This has transformed my patio area! The patio faces the street and this has given me so much more privacy — plus I get so many compliments about it. Very impressed!” —Victoria

Price: $75.99 (originally $199.99)

Promising review: “This is a lovely piece. It's very heavy, so it doesn't chime very often; however, when it does, it's lovely, Occasionally, one of our resident green frogs jumps on it and that will set it off.” —Alice Faye

Price: $28.88 (originally $29.95)

Promising review: “LOVE the modern Adirondack chairs! We were looking for chairs for this fire pit space for a few weeks. They are VERY COMFORTABLE, no pressure on lower back — we don’t even use pillows, but you can use pillows for lumbar support if you’d like — but probably not necessary, these are so comfy. My husband loved the modern look (flat/straight back) instead of it being curved at the top. The armrests are wide enough if you want to rest a drink on it. Will probably purchase another one since we have the extra space for it around the fire pit.” —Heather

Price: $249+ per chair (originally $355+; available in 13 colors and also available in a three-piece seating group)

Pssst: these cushions are technically meant for Adirondack chairs specifically, but lots of reviewers say they work on a wide variety of outdoor chairs!

Promising review: “Love these chair cushions. Comfortable and easy to install. The color really brightens up the backyard and adds character. Highly recommend it.” —Jose

Price: $104.99+ for a set of four cushions (available in 10 colors)

Promising review: “This rug is even more beautiful in person. It is perfect for our deck! It has rained since we put it out there and it dries quicker than I was expecting! It feels great under our bare feet! We highly would recommend this product! 10 out of 10!” —Michelle

Price: $41.99+ (originally $89+; available in 11 sizes and eight colors)

Promising review: “We love it and apparently so do our neighbors. I put it on my deck to cover our twin bed that we built out there. I use the side shelves for plants. I hung a couple plants from the upper back railings too. We screwed it to the deck. Solid as can be. Beautiful quality. Great price!! Thank you.” —Betty

Price: $109.51 (originally $189.99)

Promising review: “Our cat absolutely *loves* this catio. She’s an indoor cat who has always wished she were an indoor/outdoor cat, so she would constantly try to scoot out the back door when we were coming in or going out. No longer! She waits patiently by the back door, and if we say 'Coco, do you want to go outside?' she gets super excited and starts meowing. It’s the cutest thing. We pick her up, walk outside, put her down in front of the catio, and she sashays right in, happy as a clam. We debated about buying this catio because it’s expensive, but it’s worth the money — solidly built and the asphalt roof keeps Coco protected if it starts to rain when she’s out there. Highly recommend!” —Kristi

Price: $259.99+ (originally $309.99+; available in two colors)

Promising review: “Duke loves it! We bought it so that he has an elevated surface to lay on outside. He likes to sunbathe, he likes to enjoy cool breezy evenings. The bed itself is sturdy and has lived up to a 90-pound dog laying on it for almost a year and aside from extreme weather, we leave it outside and it has tolerated rain, cold and sun.” —Duke and his mom

Price: $38.59+ (originally $34.99; available in two sizes and three colors)

Promising review: “Love these. Very quirky and interesting shapes that your eye goes to. Convenient for drinks around a patio area instead of having to have a table.” —Elizabeth

Price: $28.99 for a set of four (originally $43.13)

Note, by the way, that because they’re melamine, you’ll want to avoid putting them in the microwave or dishwasher — they won't stand up to the extreme heat (although they're fine for serving hot food on).

Promising review: “The set is beautiful and makes a welcome addition to my deck dining collection! The color is quite vibrant, which is just what I wanted!” —Barbara

Price: $31.85+ (originally $34.99+; available in six colors)

Promising review: “Adorable! There is plenty of room for the sparrows to nest and raise their young. In the back we enlarged the hole since the birds like to enter through the back and we added a perch there for added security. We're very pleased with this birdhouse!” —Angela

“I already have a family of birds that moved in! Beautiful!” —bigd

Price: $26.99 (originally $29.99)

Promising review: “This hummingbird feeder is amazing. It looks so beautiful outside, especially when the sun hits it. The hummingbirds absolutely LOVE it! They come around all day, every day. Definitely worth buying. I use Nature's Nectar, FYI.” —Priscila

Price: $73.98+ for a set of two feeders (available in two colors)

It’s metal, by the way, rather than glass — no worries about it shattering in bad weather or anything. Heads up that the stand isn’t included; I have this one, but there are plenty to choose from. I also sprayed mine with a UV protectant to guard against fading, and I’m pleased to report that it’s still looking great after two years outside.

Promising review: “This gazing ball is just awesome. I no longer have to worry about it being smashed by the bears. I gave up on owning a gazing ball from all the wildlife antics in my backyard. But this metal one is just what I needed. So very happy with the color I chose of red.” —cheryl

Price: $44+ (originally $60; available in three colors)

Promising review: “This hammock was easy to assemble (even for just one person, I was able to surprise my husband!), beautiful, and sturdy. The two of us were able to lay in it together comfortably and watch the stars. Completely thrilled with my purchase!” —Valerie

Price: $199 (originally $412.20; available in four colors)

Note that the set does NOT include bean bags — you can grab some of those here if you need them.

Promising review: “This is a solid set! Just buy it, you won’t regret it! The included carrying case to keep everything secure together for storage, plus making it portable to other events is the perfect finishing touch to this set!!!” —Laura

Price: $124.99 (available in five colors)

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.